What is Andarine S4:

First of all lets explain what SARMS does. There are three checimcal types that act on the androgen receptor. First you have the AR agonist. The AR agonist binds the receptor and detaches and binds again and the process continues. A good example of a AR agonist are testosterone.. Second you have the AR antagonist. The AR antogonist is a chemical that binds the receptor to prevent it from activating. Last you have the AR modulator. The AR modulator is a molecule that attaches to an AR and make the changes in the structure.

When to use Andraine S4?

When you are cutting or for Recomping:

The properties of Andarine S4 are similar to Winstrol’s features. The difference between these is that the Andarine S4 offers better lean muscle gain. There are even bodybuilders who get pounds of muscle mass while they are in a calorie deficiency. The Andarine S4 also minimizes the LPL (lipoprotein lipase). This is an enzyme that causes lipid accumulation and stores excess body fat. By using the Andraine S4, the tissue is the preferred source of energy, allowing you to reduce excess fat at great speed.

Benefits of Andraine S4 compared to Steroids:

  • 0% chance of aromatization or male breast lactation;
  • Minimal growth on sxual organs;
  • Not diminished during the post cycle recovery;
  • SARM is very female friendly;
  • Andraine S4 has a larger increase in muscle mass

More information about the Andraine S4?

Please check our product page for more information about the Andraine S4. It is also possible to contact us. We will provide you all the information you need to make the best progress with SARMS. Feel free to talk with us or ask your questions on the forum.


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