Everything you need
to know about SARMs

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator

A Sarm is an androgen receptor ligand and they are fully designed to give you the same effect as androgenic anabolic steroids. Of course, they are much more selective and they are fully intended to give you the results you need without any of the nasty side effects. SARMs produce results similar to testosterone. They also produce dose-dependent improvements in bone mineral density and motorized strength. They also decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass and improve your wellbeing!


History of SARMs:

SARMs were first introduced in the early 90s in the mainstream science. In the 1940s, steroidal SARMs have been used for medical use in multiple diseases including hypogonadism, cancer, osteoporosis and a lot of other diseases that effects muscle and bone wasting. After testing it they saw that SARMs had a very strong effect on muscle building.

Are Anabolic steroids stronger then SARMs ?

SARMs are selective while anabolic steroids are not selective. That means that SARMs are really specific with a goal while anabolic steroids have a large reach. This large reach will also have negative effects on your body. Of course, anabolic steroids work, but it involves many negative side effects.

With Steroids there are possibility’s of a lot side effects. For example heart and organ strain, gyno, water tetention, HPTA damage, hairloss. Females can get body hair, deeper voice etc. Many people say that due the lower effects SARMs are less strong but that isn’t true. Remember that SARMs are Selective!

How SARMs work:

First of all let us explain how SARMs work. SARMs have a androgen receptor and tissue specificity, this is why they have way fewer side effects than pro hormones or anabolic steroids. The main difference is the differentiate between steroids and the androgen in the body. This means that you get the best results with less side effects.

SARMs, the various types:

There are a lot of various types SARMs. All the SARMs we sell are certified and below we explain the different types. If you have any questions which SARMs suits best for your research goal, please feel free to contact us.

Testolone RAD-140:

This SARM is designed to make your hormonal receptor act as if you were taking testosterone. Testosterones give you many side effects but with the RAD 140 you won’t get any of them and its a great way to get you body in shape.

Most people compare the use of RAD-140 to anabolic steroid. RAD-140 can help you enhance your speed, your endurance, your stamina and anything else to set a intensity workout.

This SARM wil help you build muscle faster then ever before. This SARM is know for helping you to increase your lean body mass.

Nutrobal MK-677:

Nutrobol is a drug that helps improve health, metabolism, bone strength and longevity.

This SARM promotes growth hormone. MK-667 also regulates body composition, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism and bodily fluids.

This SARM main goal is to decrease fat storage and increase leanness.


This SARM is really popular in the bodybuilding industry. The reason of his popularity is because it helps you gain muscle and lose fat.

This SARM is really comparable to steroids but it hasn’t nasty side effects.

YK-11 fits in the elite of the SARMS because it is one of the strongest and good working SARMS at the market.

Andarine S4:

Andraine has the ability to optimize lean muscle mass and enhancing strength.

For this reason Andarine is used in different sports, such as cycling, athletics and baseball.

Studies have shown that S4 results outperform anabolic steroids when it comes to fat loss and getting ripped.

Cardagine GW-501516:

The Primary role is GW-501516 ability to rid the body of unwanted fatty tissue.

The body is able to block fatty acid chains from forming and being restord as fat.

Burns fat by stimulating fatty acid oxidation.

Osta-Power MK-2866:

MK-2866 demonstrated good results in lean muscle mass, enhancing strength and decreasing total tissue percent fat.

Actual effects of MK-2866 that they are increase in overall muscle strength and performance.

Ligandrol LGD-4033:

It is known for being the strongest and the most anabolic-like SARM substance out there at this point but SARM`s are very different to steroids in the way they are made and the side effects they have.

LGD 4033 is a SARM and it’s a non-steroidal oral SARM.

Who can use SARMS?

What is great about SARMS is that they can be used by anyone so its not a problem if you have overweight, underweight, out of shape, in shape or injured. Even top athletes that want to go back in shape are using SARMS. With steroids isn’t that possible. For example, steroids are dangerous for the hearth if you have overweight. Those who are between 18-25 are encouraged to avoid anabolic steroid use until they get older to prevent lasting damage to the HPTA, so SARMS are a far safer alternative for them as well.

How to stack SARMS:

There are a different various of stacks of SARMS. I’ll explain you all the methodes. Of course it is possible to make a personal stack program. If you are curious what stack fits you, feel free to contact us!

  • The most populair SARMS stack is called the triple stack. This stack involves Ostarine, Andarine S4 and Cardagine GW-501516.
  • Bridge stack. This is a stack that has been used between cycles to keep gains while your body is in a recovery period. This involves LGD-4033 and Andarine S4.
  • Cutting Stack. This is a stack for cutting and is great for recomping caloric deficit. This involves GW-501516 and Andarine S4.
  • PCT Stack. This stack contains GW-501516 and Ostarine

Side effects of SARMS:

There are some SARMS that can cause vision effects because it will attach to the eye receptors. This is the most evident when you go from a dark room to a light room. For this reason Build More Muscle decided to sell only high quality SARMS in pils.

Benefits of using SARMS:

There are a lot of benefits using SARMS. See the following summary:

  • Won’t impede your HPTA;
  • Non-Toxic (won’t cause liver damage);
  • Avoids bone loss;
  • Decreases the threat of prostate problems;
  • Untraceable;
  • It is legal;
  • No estrogen and Dihydrotestosterone
  • Similar effects with testosterone

If you are a bodybuilder or you want to improve your physic it has the following positive effects:

  • Muscle loss prevention
  • Lean muscle development
  • Faster injury recovery
  • Improved strenght